palazzo prestipino (inner)
the palace

After being abandoned for years, Palazzo Prestipino has been recently restaured with a skilful work that has returned it to its ancient splendor. 

It is a noble palace built on pre-existing architecture and through consolidations of ancient parts of the old town according with the historical architecture stratification in the old town of Palermo. 

The oldest part is from the “Catalano” period (XIV-XV sec.) and it’s recognizable in the stone arch and in the rediscovered fragment of the fifteenth century’s stair shown on the side of the courtyard. Precious sixteenth century’s fragments lead back to the noble families that had lived in the palace during the past centuries.

The paintings and “stucco” decorations discovered, during restoration, in some of the ceilings and walls of the palace rooms belong to the late eighteenth century and nineteenth-century.

As you walk out the front door you will find yourself immersed in the colors, smells and voices of one of city's oldest historic markets. Among the fruits colours and the fresh fish’s sparkle, you will discover the marvels of Palermo’s architecture!