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The list of all backlinks, new and lost backlinks and backlinks per anchor text. Link building tools to increase your backlinks. View a complete backlink profile of your competitors. Competitor comparison based on backlink metrics. Export of backlink data in PDF and CSV. Backlink monitoring is available only to premium members. Basic members receive a limited preview with maximum 3 backlinks. Sign up for free. You are already signed up? Go to Backlink Analysis. If you have any questions about Seobility or about our plans and pricing please contact us at. unter 0049 911 23756261 or All-In-One SEO Software and Tools for website optimization and top rankings on Google. Keyword Research Tool.
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An image, banner or badge. Embedded in a video. Embedded in an infographic. An empty link. How do I find my competitors backlinks? Backlink research is essential to learning linking trends, patterns, and opportunities. Open a backlink checker or backlink analyzer tool and enter your competitors website URL. Once the report is ready, youll get a list of every backlink thats linking out to that competitors website. How do I check spam backlinks? Spam backlinks, aka bad, toxic, or unnatural backlinks, ultimately lower your websites SERP rankings and are likely to have one or more of the following features.: Low domain authority. Low trust flow. Low citation flow. Misleading anchor text. Multiple outbound links on a single page. Unusual inbound/outbound link ratio. How many types of backlinks are there in SEO? There are 19 types of backlinks.: Guest post article bio. Free blog post. Badge, image, banner. Newsworthy press release. Catalog, general business and article directory, roundup, listing. What are backlinks in SEO? A backlink is a link thats created when one website links out to another. Another name for backlinks is inbound or incoming links.
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Broken Link Building. Curated Link Building. PPC Audit Services. White Label PPC. On Page SEO. Google My Business. Google Ranking Factors. White Label Reseller. Google Update History. Free SEO Audit Tool. Link Building Calculator. Moz DA Checker. Header Response Checker. Core Web Vitals Checker. Keyword Density Checker. Search Submit Close search. Services SEO Backlink Audit Analysis. Backlink Audit Analysis Services. When it comes to what tactics produce the most results in an SEO campaign, backlinks are highly regarded as one of the most important factors in the Google algorithm. It is for this reason that backlink analysis is so crucial, because the quality of the site linking to your business will play a critical role in how well your website performs.
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Skip to content. Facebook-f Twitter Youtube. Why You Should Use a Separate Web Host Registrar. Web Content Studio. My Kindle Books. How I Write Web Content. Is LSI Still Important in 2018. Finding LSI Theme Words Phrases Helps You Write Better Product Reviews. Site Visualizer Professional. Why You Should Use a Separate Web Host Registrar. Web Content Studio. My Kindle Books. How I Write Web Content. Is LSI Still Important in 2018. Finding LSI Theme Words Phrases Helps You Write Better Product Reviews. Site Visualizer Professional. Internal Link Analysis Tool.
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Data Collection Tools for Automated Link Building. The very first step in automated link building is to gather data. Basic automation tools can crawl the web and find backlink data for you. With these tools, you can create a list of all pages that link to a specific URL or domain easily. Some backlink data collection tools also offer advanced features which allow you to organize and filter your results. Some tools also allow you to find the anchor texts for each link and the Domain Authority of linked pages. These insights can help you find relevant sites from where you can gain backlinks. Here are some of the best data collection tools.: ScrapeBox crawls the web to find the most relevant links for you.
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If you already have your list ready, you will pull each site from the list and analyze each competitors backlink profile. Lets assume one of your page-level competitors is for the keyword competitor backlink analysis. Lets analyze its backlink profile and pinpoint the domains linking to it. To do this, simply enter the URL in Ahrefs and ensure you select exact URL on the overview page. Because if you dont select the exact URL, the report might include links attached to the root domain-which also means links from other pages on their site. As the report pops up, simply click on the number under Backlinks to access their backlink profile for that page. Understand that this is the list of inbound links from all the pages linking to that page, including domains that link to the page multiple times.
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Segment unique domains. Check domain authority for high-quality backlinks. Assess the quality of your anchor texts. Next steps: Page vs. site analysis, outreach, and more. What is a Backlink Analysis and Why Does It Matter? A backlink analysis is a thorough evaluation of the number and quality of websites that are linking to your domain or a specific piece of content. The analysis reviews more than just the number of backlinks you have leading to your page. It examines the entire scope of quantity, quality, anchor text, and recency of your backlinks while taking into account other factors for improved SEO. Well cover these factors more in a minute. A backlink analysis can be conducted for your companys blog or even a competitors blog to understand how each is faring when it comes to acquiring coveted backlinks and improving keyword rankings. Link building and link analysis are just two components of a solid search engine optimization strategy.
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MOZ Open Site Explorer - This site can help you identify whos linking to your website. With this tool, youll be able to strengthen your links and disown the spammy ones to strengthen your ranks and avoid being penalized by Google. CognitiveSEO - this tool can provide you with an in-depth look at your backlinks. From backlink checker to Google penalty prevention, recovery, social visibility, and more, this tool has what you need for a comprehensive audit. SEMRush - If youre looking for an overall software for both SEO and marketing analytics, then this is the tool for you. This has over 50 tools like link building, keyword research, rank tracking, and even a competitor SEO analysis tool. Majestic SEO - This tool can determine the quality and quantity of the links to your site. This tool can also conduct a bulk backlink checker to help you get an analysis of all your links from the beginning. Monitor Backlinks - One of the best tools to check those who are backlinking to your site, this site can help you determine the good from the spammy ones.
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Ahrefs proprietary scoring system can help you judge backlink quality. Ranking scores attempt to measure the authority of a URL page and its domain based on backlinks, similar to Googles PageRank. a free service of Bruce Clay, Inc. DisavowFiles compares your backlink profile pulled from Majestic against disavow files others have submitted into a crowdsourced database, telling you how many times a particular linking site has been disavowed by others in the database. Knowing which of your backlinks have been disavowed by others can help you easily identify sites you might want to disavow, too. Theres no stronger red flag for backlink cleanup than knowledge that a site is a frequently disavowed suspect. Visit the Linking Sites. Once youve combined download sources, merged duplicates, removed already-disavowed links, and added trust metrics and intel, its time to review your master list. Nows when you roll up your pant legs and prepare to wade through a little mud. Unfortunately, theres no substitute for going to look at most backlinks manually to determine whether they are OK to keep.
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How will a competitor backlink analysis help you? Analysing a competitors backlinks will give you an insight into what sites may be interested in your content, and will consequently give you ideas on how to build links to your own business. Whether this is by adding your company to business directories, recommending content to new websites or stealing links by providing better, more engaging content, the backlink analysis is a fundamental aspect of SEO. Backlink analyses can take several hours depending on the amount of backlinks a site has, therefore you need to be extremely patient, and remain focused so you dont miss out on a vital link opportunity. How to conduct a backlink analysis.: Using a backlink analysis tool, generate the number of backlinks to your competitors site.

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